Spotify Launches New Playlist Consideration Feature

Spotify Launches New Playlist Consideration Feature


Streaming giant Spotify has just launched a brand new beta feature for official playlist consideration.

The feature, which is available now, improves the previous method for submitting music to Spotify’s editorial team. Now, Spotify for Artists or Spotify Analytics users can log into their account and submit unreleased music for consideration to be added to official Spotify playlists.

Once you are logged into your Spotify for Artists or Spotify Analytics account, you will have the option to select an unreleased song and submit it to the editorial team.

“We want to make something crystal clear: no one can pay to be added to one of Spotify’s editorial playlists,” read the official announcement. “Our editors pick tracks with listeners in mind. They make these decisions using data about what’s resonating most with their community of listeners.”

The company also stated that they will continue to evolve the feature based on feedback from artists, labels, managers and partners.

“We’ve listened to feedback from the creative community, and developed a new feature that enables them to easily submit unreleased music for playlist consideration to our entire worldwide team of playlist editors,” said Nick Holmsten, Spotify’s VP of content & global head of shows & editorial.