Rights Management

We work with about 42 companies from different countries to make sure you receive the payments immediately. In addition, we also take care of the complex rights of mechanical reproduction and public communication so that you can dedicate your time to create music and develop artistic careers.

Sales and Marketing

In the current, complex and constantly changing musical context, our sales and marketing teams use their knowledge and connections to help differentiate a potential release from the rest, offering personalized presentations to stores or services as well as creative promotions to ensure the greatest success. and possible scope and, of course, sales.

Youtube Payments

Whether creating an original show, streaming a concert, showing off your favorite skateboarding techniques or premiering a music video, it is important to properly communicate your point of view to build and retain your audience.







Content ID


Distritucion Network


We work with digital distribution because we are aware of the importance of sales and marketing in all formats and in the management of the most relevant distribution chains.

Whatever the product to be distributed, be it a full album or a single, in Spotify, Amazon, Itunes, Google Play, Dezeer a theme or a video generated by a YouTube user or a telephone ringtone from Telefónica, we provide you with hundreds of departures all over the world thanks to our own digital distribution chain


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